wluk-tv 1980

More than 70,000 people have contacted me as an on your side reporter. That is about the number of folks that fill Lambeau Field on fall Sundays in Green Bay. While most people ask for help, many say thanks, tell eloquent stories or offer help to those in need. I'm indebted to the writers of these letters which I've sprinkled throughout this memoir.


1. Portrayed in a CBS-TV Movie
2. Courts of last resort
3. Warning consumers about asbestos
4. An investigative reporter on TV
5. Bart Starr and the fitness center
6. War on stench
7. What were they thinking?
8. TV-11 News: purposely outrageous
9. Getting sued in Dallas, Texas
10.Lawsuit #2: Curse of the pharaoh
11. Lawsuit #3: Weight reduction
12. Career crossroads
13. Lawsuits #4, 5 and 6
14. Civil servant
15. Rip-off of the month
16. Picketing questionable businesses

17. Working with TV photographers
18. Helping Chris Wallace
19. Human interest stories
20. My most emotional story
21. Losing Cheryl's light
22. Little Travis gets his kidney
23. Scout doesn't take no for answer
24. A Grandson's funeral
25. Glen Loyd's Care and Share Party

New concerns
26. International con artists
27. Why the elderly are conned so often
28. Strangers at your door
29. My advice about health advertising

Piercing other minds
30. My hero at the Milwaukee Journal

This 2005 photo was
made for my induction
into the Wisconsin
Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

Exposing a Green Bay shop selling
illegal drug paraphernalia in 1990.

News and production staff at
WFRV-TV in Green Bay. I am
in the middle of the back row.

It was an honor for me to match up kids with Big Brothers and Big Sisters. And with the help of viewers supplying presents, I held 19 Care and Share Christmas Parties for Salvation Army kids.

Green Bay 1988

Used car lots had spectacular sales on
George Washington's birthday when I was
growing up in Washington, D.C. At age 16,
I was on the front page of the Washington
Herald after buying my first car, a 1947 Buick,
for 46 cents on Feb. 22, 1956.